Forum Rules and Regulations

(Last updated: 31 January 2006)

Please read, understand and keep in mind the rules described here. Everyone, including admins and mods, must follow these rules. If an exemption is not stated then there's none.


First Things First

1. Register Only One Username
You should not register more than once because there's no good reason to do that.

2. Do Not Impersonate
Impersonating any of the CapturedWings Forum staff, the CLAMP women, or any other member is strictly prohibited.

3. Use Only Your Own Account
Admins can use dummy accounts for testing purposes. No one else is allowed to use another member's account.


General Rule: "Respect one another."

- Flaming or attacking another person by using offensive and insulting words is not permitted.

- Flame-baiting (posting with the intent of provoking an angry response) is prohibited.

- Flame wars (a series of flaming messages) will not be tolerated.

- Excessive swearing/cursing is prohibited.

- Racism (attacking someone for his race or nationality) is not allowed.

- Political discussions are not permitted.

- Any form of disrespect or harassment against another member is prohibited.


Posting Rules

1. Post in the Right Board and Topic
Make sure you're posting in the right place before clicking that 'Post' button.

2. No Extremely Short Replies
A post which only has a smiley or a "Yeah" in it or anything similar will be immediately deleted. "Thank you's" and "welcomes" are not exempted. Boards in which the post count is turned off are exempted of this rule. But still, try to make your posts "look" longer than your signature so that it wouldn't be a waste of space.

3. sTiCkY cApS, SHOUTING, txt msg writing, and Excessive Use of Smileys are Not Allowed
Sticky caps: tHIs SenTeNCe UsEs sTIckY cAPs AnD it'S rEalLY aNnOYiNg To rEAd.
Text Message: wer r u?
Excessive emoticons/smileys:
We ask everyone not to write in here using any of those ways. Please write English the proper way.

4. Do Not Unnecessarily "Bump" Old Topics
You are allowed to post on any topic found in the first 3 pages of each forum. Those are still considered to be 'Active' topics. All other topics from page 4 and beyond are considered 'Archived'. You may post in them to "bump" them back to the first page but ONLY if you have a good purpose or you have something useful to contribute to the discussion.
Do not only write "bump" in your post. You must also explain why you're bumping the topic.

5. Do Not Create "Non-sense" Topics
You should only make topics that will encourage discussions. Topics which only ask for people to make brief responses like "lol" are pointless.

6. Do Not Post Copyrighted Material
Anime songs are exempted but no full albums please. Anime episodes are also exempted, except in the case of licensed anime like Tsubasa Chronicle. Manga scans are allowed.
(Note: This rule is not very definite but the forum will always abide by the terms of the material's legal copyright holders.)

7. No "Child-unfriendly" Posts
Posting of sexually explicit and/or gratuitously violent descriptions or posting links to said materials is strictly prohibited.

8. Do Not Post or Request Sensitive Information
Posting sensitive information about another member without his/her consent is prohibited. Demanding such information from a member is also not allowed, except in special and legal cases. This information includes but is not limited to: real name, address, phone number, or picture.
In fact, we prefer that members keep their sensitive information private. It's best that you do not reveal it publicly in the forums.
We reserve the right to edit posts, profiles, and signatures to protect the safety of the forum and its members.

9. Do Not Sell Here
Posting items or services for sale is not allowed. Providing links to the item/service in sites like eBay is also prohibited. This is not allowed in both posts and signatures. (Exemption: Posting links to CCS & TRC merchandise for reference)

10. No Scams and Spamming Allowed
Posting things like "Win an iPod!" or "Click here to earn $$$" is not allowed anywhere in the forum. Do not ever use the forum to make easy money. Disrupting the board's order with spam messages is strictly not allowed.


Other Prohibited Acts

- Posting with the sole intent of increasing your post count

- Giving out cookies with no good reason

- Circumventing the forum's censors (bad words) and the temporary penalties (warnings)

- Spreading false information about another member

- Using the board as a weblog

- Collecting e-mail addresses for use in spam-related activities

- Posting using an anonymous proxy server or hiding your real IP address

- Performing any act that will affect the performance of this forum in order to deny any legitimate user access to the site

- Attempts to reverse engineer and examine the softwares and systems used in this forum
(Admins are of course exempted of this rule.)

- Asking to be a part of the forum staff



Anyone who continuously violates these rules after being warned will face any of the following penalties:

- Immediate deletion of posts concerned with the violation

- Permanent/temporary ban of username and/or IP address

- Revocation of registered username


Reporting Violations

We encourage all members to cooperate with us by reporting any violation of these rules.
Click the corresponding 'Report to moderator' link of the post in question or send a private message (PM) to a mod or admin.
Do NOT ever report violations by posting directly in the board.


Handling Member Disputes

We will not get involved or act as referee on any member dispute. We believe that the forum's rules and regulations are enough for these situations.

The staff will only make investigations, discuss the matter and then give penalties if any rule violations have been made. Otherwise, we will not be involved in the dispute just as long it does not affect the general order of the forum. The same process will apply to staff-and-member disputes.

The forum staff's decision is final.


Terms of Use

We reserve the right to change or modify these rules at anytime to maintain the board's order. It is every member's responsibility to read these terms and its future changes.

"Ignorance of the law excuses no one."

By posting in the forums, you are agreeing to these terms. If at any time you no longer agree to these terms then you must stop posting in the board and discontinue from using your account.


- The Forum Staff