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Yokosha Tikala
« on: September 18 2005, 02:08 pm »
This post is for discussion of the fan-fiction:

Yokosha Tikala

Story Description:

Two years have passed since Sakura sealed Emptiness and created the Hope card.  Sakura, now in the 8th grade, has had some odd changes in her life.  Two years prior, her old Brother Toya, her friends Rika and Chiru, and her true love Li had disappeared.  However, at the same time, a young boy named Kalshion appeared at her house with no memories of the past.  Believing him to be a banded, Sakura and her father took him in, adopting him into the family.  Now with Sakura in the 8th grade and Kalshion in the 4th, new events have been happening.  Several times someone or something has attempted to kill Kalshion.  Sakura finding that her powers can provide little help is forced to watch as every attack harms her little brother.  But Kalshion isn't as helpless as everyone thinks, discovering his own powers, Kalshion has decided to fight back and protect his family.  But could his best friend Chico be the cause behind these events?

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Re: Yokosha Tikala
« Reply #1 on: September 18 2005, 02:47 pm »

Um *clears throat*

This story was created by myself, and later revised with the help of a friend of mine, Paul Diedierich, we reconstructed the story (when I first made it was back in the 5th grade, and it was choke full of grammer, sentence structure, paragraph, error's and made it pretty much UNREADABLE

When I redid this story with my friend, we kept a lot of the original part's just revised them a bit, the only people who truely know what the original was was my 5th grade teacher and a few of my friend's back then

At this point in time, the story is complete and I decided to post it up here, it follow CCS truely (unlike some of my other CCS/Hybrid storys that have element's added into it that make it more fantasy than CCS ever had)

Currently, a sequal is in the works. But, the thing is, I need suggestions, comment's and critique.. who do you want to see in this sequal? Do you want those who died to make a re-appereance? Or do you want something completely different, like something that take's place far into the future, or perhaps, way back into the past?

I make my story's to fit my audience's view's, unlike those view's are detail something that i WILL NOT work on (Hentai for example, I don't do story's that dive into that realm)

Anywho, please read and review, reply with what ever comment's, suggestion's and with what ever else come's to mind. There are some grammer error's and apperently our japanese character generator on the site found my story.. because it seem's to have altered some of the words, although not completely hehehe!

If you plan on posting this story elsewhere, please give credit where credit is due.

I thank you for your time, and I appriciate any comment's and the like's that come from thisĀ  :keke:

-Kasawa Lanford (AKA, Shadower)

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