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Getting your RPG Started:

All you have do is created a topic, explaining the theme and characters needed.

When all character postions are filled or at least enough for a decent roleplay, the mods will start the ball rolling (I hope).

This forum is moderated and posts here do not count towards your post count.

Enjoy and have fun :D

Basic example topic (Thanks Okamirei :D)

Theme: what the characters are the story, the place, etc.

and then under that you post the characters needed in the theme (if made-ups are allowed, include it in the post)


one-on-one RPGs
Creating one-on-one RPGs are slightly different. Once someone creates one, applications for that RP will be sent by PMs. The RP will be locked until the creator of the RP has a partner.

RPG ratings
// - contains shounen-ai, yaoi
~ -contains violence
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Re: PLEASE READ!! Getting Started/RPG rules ( UPDATED: July 30th )
« Reply #1 on: July 31 2005, 03:04 pm »
It has come to me to set up some rules  :sweatdrop: ..
RPG rules:
- All RPGs will be literate! please try to keep your spelling correct. (illiterate RPGs=txt messages; very short one-liners)
-If you don't know how to roleplay, READ the Beginner's guide! It's only a few posts!
-God-moding is STRICTLY forbidden!
-please be active! If you wish to no longer participate in the RPG, please PM and discuss with the creator.
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