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April 02 2005, 05:55 PM
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The Mokona Game
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Chapter 1: A game
(by lostkitty, added on 2006-11-22 23:14:48 AEST) [Discussion Topic]

This is my first fan fiction ! ^ ^ Please give me your comments and some tips !


They arrived at a new world , five travelers : a teenage boy with amber colored eyes and brown hair , a teenage girl with emerald green eyes and sandy colored hair , two older looking men one with blonde hair and blue eyes while the other was a black haired and with stunning red eyes . There were bright lights everywhere and lots of stall like places with lots of games . The place was similar to a festival ground / bazaar .

Syaoran : :We've arrived at a new country ! Mokona , can you feel Sakura-hime no hane ?

Mokona : , I can't feel the presence of Sakura's feather . But...I can feel a strong power...

Sakura : I wonder what kind of country is this ?

Fai / Kurogane : This is not the country I came from...

~ Kurogane glares at Fai while Fai just smiles back at him . Apparently their contrasts are not only on their clothing ang looks but also their mood ~

Suddenly , a group of girls aproach them...

" seems like you are lost ! " says a familiar voice . It was Karen-san they met in the past worlds.

" Would you like to try Suzuran group's game ? " asks Karen . " Our games are not only fun but also special. "

Syaoran :'re......

Mokona : Yes !

* Syaoran , Sakura , Fai and Kurogane : O_O *

They were greeted by Suzuran in front of the stall .

Suzuran : Would you like to try our game ? It's called the 'Whose the real person game' , if you guess correctly you'll get prizes !!!

Fai : We would like to ... but we don't have money $$$

Suzuran : It's ok...we don't charge beginers

Thus , let the games begin !!!


I'm getting the writers cramp...I'll write more ater ^_^

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