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April 02 2005, 05:55 PM
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[TRC] Yuuko's trick... by tsubasaHime199 [ Discussion Topic ]
I created this story...only for fun
G - English - Chapters: 3 -  Reviews: 0 - Updated: 2006-11-09 - Published: 2006-10-03

[TRC] You're Serious, Aren't You? by Lady Ultima [ Discussion Topic ]
Fai really didn't know when it had started.
PG - English - Chapters: 1 -  Reviews: 0 - Updated: 2005-10-10 - Published: 2005-10-10

[TRC] You Owe Me by sarahg [ Discussion Topic ]
A short fic set after Ch125
PG - English - Chapters: 1 -  Reviews: 0 - Updated: 2006-09-24 - Published: 2006-09-24

[TRC] You Name It by Jayjaylemony [ Discussion Topic ]
Izumi wishes her magic away, because of the trouble it brought her. As she travels with the group, she discovers many secrets about the name she lost, and about who she really is. Don't blame me for pleigerism, because I also have an account of fanfiction. I'm the same person, and this is the same story!!!
PG - English - Chapters: 1 -  Reviews: 0 - Updated: 2009-02-04 - Published: 2009-02-04

[TRC] You and Me by Bra-chan [ Discussion Topic ]
after chapter 130! drama-angst-romance, KuroFai
G - English - Chapters: 4 -  Reviews: 0 - Updated: 2006-10-08 - Published: 2006-10-02

[CCS] Yokosha Tikala by Kasawa Lanford [ Discussion Topic ]
Two years have passed since Sakura sealed Emptiness and created the Hope card. Sakura, now in the 8th grade, has had some odd changes in her life. Two years prior, her old Brother Toya, her friends Rika and Chiru, and her true love Li had disappeared. However, at the same time, a young boy named Kalshion appeared at her house with no memories of the past. Believing him to be a banded, Sakura and her father took him in, adopting him into the family. Now with Sakura in the 8th grade and Kalshion in the 4th, new events have been happening. Several times someone or something has attempted to kill Kalshion. Sakura finding that her powers can provide little help is forced to watch as every attack harms her little brother. But Kalshion isn't as helpless as everyone thinks, discovering his own powers, Kalshion has decided to fight back and protect his family. But could his best friend Chico be the cause behind these events?
PG - English - Chapters: 1 -  Reviews: 0 - Updated: 2005-09-18 - Published: 2005-09-18

[CCS] Vengeance by kaori-chan [ Discussion Topic ]
Dark Fic. Revenge is a platter best served dead. For Syaoran it is. Sakura's gone, dead, and he has gone pass the brink of insanity and comes looking for revenge, for blood to soothe his guilt. Four-parter.
R - English - Chapters: 2 -  Reviews: 0 - Updated: 2005-08-24 - Published: 2005-08-22

[CCS] Unrequited Love by Angelic-Essence [ Discussion Topic ]
Unexpected things exposed leads to more effective results than people can figure. So what will happen if \\\'he\\\' found out what \\\'she\\\' has been keeping inside? Love, pain and tragedy...
PG - English - Chapters: 11 -  Reviews: 0 - Updated: 2005-07-09 - Published: 2005-07-08

[TRC] Unknown by smile_for_me360 [ Discussion Topic ]
What the ending might be like, TRC/CCS
M - English - Chapters: 1 -  Reviews: 0 - Updated: 2006-06-29 - Published: 2006-06-29

[TRC] Tsubasa: ANoTHER CHRoNiCLE by tsu-kun [ Discussion Topic ]
Based on CLAMP’s Tsubasa RESERVoir CHRoNiCLE and xxxHOLiC, this crossover fan fiction begins after the death of the Dimensional Witch Yuuko Ichihara (xxxHOLiC), which triggers the start of another tragedy in another Clow Country, with yet another “Princess Sakura”. Together with a group of unlikely companions from other worlds with similar wishes and the aid of “Mokona Modoki”, they set off on a treacherous journey in search for “Sakura’s” scattered memory. As their journey progresses, they slowly begin to question the dark truth of the “wishes” that each made, and their devastating impacts on the parallel worlds.
PG - English - Chapters: 3 -  Reviews: 0 - Updated: 2010-09-30 - Published: 2010-09-30

[TRC] Tsubasa Resivoir Chronicles: Solstice Chronicles by L solstice [ Discussion Topic ]
This Story is basically random chronicles of Syaoran, Sakura, Kurogane, Fay, and Mokona and New Subaru and Kamai on random adventures but a story line that takes place in between and after Tokyo Revalations also will be told. (Me and My freind Will be writing this so if a few chapters are a little girly that is my freind using the author account)
PG - English - Chapters: 1 -  Reviews: 0 - Updated: 2009-05-03 - Published: 2009-05-03

[CCS] Tsubasa Resivoir Chronicle Tokyo Revelations (Edited) by L solstice [ Discussion Topic ]
I thought scince there was only three episodes of the other tsubasa series I continued it in story mode.
PG - English - Chapters: 1 -  Reviews: 0 - Updated: 2009-04-03 - Published: 2009-04-03

[CCS] Tsubasa Resivoir Chronicle Tokyo revelations by L solstice [ Discussion Topic ]
The new series
PG - English - Chapters: 1 -  Reviews: 0 - Updated: 2009-03-22 - Published: 2009-03-22

[TRC] Transcendence of Light and Magic by Kasawa Lanford [ Discussion Topic ]
A Sequel to Yokosha Tikala, this story take’s place roughly 400 years after the events of Aura of Dragons. A few years have passed since the sealing of Empty and into \"Hope\" but new enemys are on the horizon when Sakura and Syaoran get abducted and are taken else where... when Sakura find\'s out she may hold a new key to a new universe, verious enemys are out to stop her.. but who could these new enemys be? And could one of them be a link to her past?
M - English - Chapters: 2 -  Reviews: 0 - Updated: 2005-09-24 - Published: 2005-09-23

[CCS] The Price of Peace by cami_calzone [ Discussion Topic ]
CCS characters in a new world full of war, love, and magic. Syaoran is the Princess Sakura's Royal Guard, but when she is to marry a prince of a warring kingdom, where will their relationship go?
PG - English - Chapters: 1 -  Reviews: 0 - Updated: 2006-11-15 - Published: 2006-11-15

[TRC] The Nameless Country by Hayama [ Discussion Topic ]
Syaoran and company arrive in a world seemingly devoid of people. Syaoran and Kurogane leave to go look for the feather, but the travelers aren't as alone as they thought... There is KuroFai fluff and angst in some chapters... (previously posted on by me ^^)
PG - English - Chapters: 10 -  Reviews: 0 - Updated: 2005-10-15 - Published: 2005-10-15

[TRC] The Mokona Game by lostkitty [ Discussion Topic ]
G - English - Chapters: 1 -  Reviews: 0 - Updated: 2006-11-22 - Published: 2006-11-22

[CCS] The heart shaped key bearer and the mysterious event by Michimo-chan [ Discussion Topic ]
Sakura and Syoran have to fight a mysterious woman who is more than what she appears to be; intention and her past... A bit of mayhem in here, but not too much yet...
- English - Chapters: 7 -  Reviews: 0 - Updated: 2007-08-11 - Published: 2006-02-27

[CCS] The Guardian's Revenge by CCS_TC_lover [ Discussion Topic ]
This takes place 3 years after the 2nd movie. DON'T SUE ME!
PG - English - Chapters: 3 -  Reviews: 0 - Updated: 2006-08-18 - Published: 2006-08-13

[TRC] The Ending by Ashlee [ Discussion Topic ]
This is my own version on how TRC is going to end.
PG - English - Chapters: 1 -  Reviews: 0 - Updated: 2006-04-29 - Published: 2006-04-29

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